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Pictured: the Seed Commons 2018 Peer Network Training Cohort

Worker-Owned Businesses Are Having a Moment
Seed Commons
Bloomberg Businessweek
March 31, 2021

Worker-Owned Cooperatives are Building Their Own Investment Network
Seed Commons
Next City
Jan 28, 2021

Transforming the Extractive Economy
Seed Commons
Common Future
Dec 10, 2019

The Co-op That’s Keeping Community Money Out of Big Banks
Seed Commons
Yes! Magazine
Dec 4, 2018

Peer Members

Building the Pipeline: How to keep small business open through minority ownership
Co-op Cincy
Soapbox Cincinnati
June 15, 2021

Black-owned cooperative startups in the North End model opportunity for more equitable Detroit
Detroit Community Wealth Fund
Model D Media
May 10, 2021

BIPOC Community Wealth Building at Cooperation Richmond
Cooperation Richmond
Next Economy Now Podcast
September 21, 2020

Co-op network grows community-based businesses
Mountain Xpress
August 21, 2020

Kwanzaa Meets Capital: Meet Boston’s New Democratic Investment Fund
Boston Ujima Project
Jan 3, 2019

The First Democratically Managed Investment Fund Launches in Boston
Boston Ujima Project
Next City
Dec 28, 2018

Community fund launched: Ujima Project to raise $5m investment fund for local businesses
Boston Ujima Project
The Bay State Banner
Dec 19, 2018

Worker Cooperatives — Widening Spheres of Democracy
Cooperative Richmond and Rich City Rides
Upstream Podcast
April 24, 2018

Workplace Solidarity in the Equitable Economy
L.A. Co-op Lab
Dollars & Sense
July/August, 2018

How Cooperation Richmond is empowering marginalized communities to build an equitable economy
Cooperation Richmond
March 15, 2018

Where Does a Worker-Owned Collective Business Get a Loan?
Baltimore Roundtable for Economic Democracy
Next City
June 28, 2017

Union Cooperative Initiative Grows in Cincinnati
Coop Cincy (as CUCI)
Cooperative Grocer Magazine
Jan/Feb, 2017

From Grocery Stores to Labor Unions, Cooperatives Were the Answer
Coop Cincy (as CUCI)
Yes! Magazine
January 23, 2017

NYC’s Worker Cooperative Ecosystem Continues to Grow
The Working World
Next City
January 19, 2017

It’s Time for Impact Investors to Rethink Risk
The Working World
SOCAP Digital
Jan 2, 2017

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