Apprentice Member

Repaired Nations

The Bay, California

Repaired Nations works to educate, organize, and empower low income Black youth in the Bay Area to launch cooperative enterprises for sustainable economic security through shared ownership and control of housing and businesses.

Repaired Nations creates redress for historic trends of oppression through cooperative training and development for collective ownership. Initially, Repaired Nations focuses on building wealth in Black communities by giving youth the tools needed to remain rooted: access to land and access to capital. Bookclubs, Workshops, and Trainings will educate and inspire communities to engage in cooperative effort, while giving grounded, practical skills for collective ownership.

They repair the effects of colonization and oppression by helping to weave interconnected communities into thriving, sustainable networks to equitably provide the essentials of life.

They value cooperation, simplicity, patience, and compassion, never straying from these in our pursuit of ecologically sustainable development in under-resourced communities.