Lending Member

Hudson Valley Community Wealth Fund

The Hudson Valley, New York

Hudson Valley Community Wealth Fund (HVCWF) is a community-led revolving loan fund that provides financing and support to principally aligned projects in their region with the explicit goal of building shared wealth and power in communities most impacted by inequality. They provide non-extractive loans, ongoing technical assistance, and organizational coaching for the projects they partner with to help them achieve long term financial sustainability. As HVCWF grows, funded projects will have a voice in future lending decisions as a pathway towards shifting the control of capital and local economic development into the hands of their community. They believe that local and collective control of capital is necessary to build a more resilient and equitable economy.

Recent Loans

Rock Steady Farm & Flowers

October 1, 2019

Line of credit

Rock Steady Farm & Flowers

May 20, 2018

Loan for a hoop house to expand production

Rock Steady Farm & Flowers

January 1, 2017

Financing to convert the farm to worker-ownership